Irish Denver

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Irish Denver is the first ever book on Denver’s Irish. It focuses on the Irish at work and at play and sparkles with many heretofore unpublished photos and true tales. Irish Denver is written by local authors Dennis Gallagher, Thomas Jacob Noel, and James Patrick Walsh. This pictorial history boasts more than 200 vintage images and provides readers with a unique opportunity to reconnect with the history that shaped their community. 

Denver native and current City Auditor Dennis Gallagher served 24 years in the Colorado Legislature and eight years on city council. Thomas Jacob Noel is a Professor of History and Director of Public History, Preservation & Colorado Studies at the University of Colorado Denver. James Patrick Walsh teaches Irish American history at the University of Colorado Denver and Regis University and regularly dresses up as a 19th century Irish miner and labor leader for his classes. 

The very first Irish in Denver came as miners, railroad workers, soldiers, and domestic servants. These workers, cogs of an expanding American industrial empire, later gave way to 20th-century politicians, priests, and business leaders who defined Irish respectability.

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